Ecuador, what’s good?


So, many people has been asking me why do you love Ecuador so much?” “why are you always posting about Ecuador and it’s atmosphere?”. Most of the times, I really don’t know. But I am sure I have a reason and I will explain in a minute.

It’s beautiful in its simplicity. A first, I have to be honest; I didn’t even know where it was. You might think I am stupid, naive and such an ignorant lady, but I seriously thought it was located somewhere near Africa. The first time I spoke to an actual Ecuadorian I froze cause  didn’t know if they were going to understand me at all. Eventually I realised they do understand me… blew my mind.

Getting back to it, well, beautiful? Not even close to what it really is. I did some research and fell in love, mostly with the pictures and some excerpts people has written somehow at some time in their lives and the way they express their feelings towards these amazing places located in this ridiculously wonderful paradise is just breath-taking.

People are really warm, nice, lovely. They give you this comfortable feeling inside that makes you want to know more of them. They are quite welcoming and you instantly feel part of them, part of their family.

If you ask me, “have you been there?”. My answer is gonna be a no.

It really hurts to know that, although I know many people from there who incredibly became my friends in a matter of days, even minutes. Last month I told my mum about my plans on  going to Ecuador next summer and all she could do was just stare and looked very thoughtful. She dragged me to the kitchen and confessed  that my actual great grandfather was Ecuadorian.

As soon as I heard that, my heart started beating so fast I felt it exploding inside my chest. I really don’t understand how I love that country so much, I cant’ just simply put it into words cause it’s really hard to explain. Maybe it is because I’ve been talking and sharing my life with so many people from there that I somehow feel attached to that place or maybe cause I have a strange connection with this place ever since I was born and I had to wait until I was 15 years old so I could realise of all of this. One day I had this weird feeling that if I ever go there I would instantly recognise the street names and every single avenue or mall cause my EC friends show me around their place really often… crazy, isn’t it?

So, my great grandfather was Ecuadorian, I wish it could make me “Ecuadorian”, but I don’t know if that would be even legal. I dropped some pictures right down below so you can appreciate Ecuador and think to yourself, “Ecuador, what’s good?”

Besides its beaches, full  of a great variation of animals and plants, its beautiful mountains that can be seen from your window pane, the volcanoes, the food which is another wonder of the world, the people from there who help you fall in love with the country a bit faster and of course their slang, I don’t think any other place would beat this one.

Ecuador is so underrated, nobody talks about it that much and when they do it is a simple three or five minute talk, but I really hope you see and think to yourself what’s really good about this place. I honestly love it, from the very bottom of my heart.

I promise that the day I go there, I will take as many pictures as possible so I can help you, eventually, fall in love with Ecuador.

¡Viva Ecuador! 🇪🇨

Biscuits and Sparkles



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