Hello there, first post.

My name is Angie, I’m 17 and I am a fashion design aspirer. This is my first ever blog post. I’ve not quite got the hang of it yet, to be honest; I’m not even sure if anyone will read it but I believe is worth a shot. My aim is to attempt a blog post every other week. Although I’m not the best writer, my spelling isn’t the greatest and I also appear to change the topic quickly so this might end up very, very badly. But I hope anyone who reads this will enjoy it even if it is at the expense of my grammatical errors.
My inspiration to make this blog is mod and skinhead fashion, along with the music, hair, labels, and history that is inspiring generations to carry on this subculture. I cannot guarantee that this is the only subculture or era that I shall blog about -also, I`ll be blogging about my personal life too, such as experiences, moments just so I can keep a record of some of the most important events in my life- but I can assure you that this will be the main focus. I think we can all agree that there is something about mod fashion that catches our attention fully, although I am still unsure as to whether it’s due to their precise hair cuts, on point fashion sense, music taste, or their care free attitude towards life.
That concludes my very short and very boring first ever blog post. I promise that my next one will be a lot more interesting and hopefully longer.
Thanks for reading,
Biscuits and Sparkles




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