Love yourself(ie)

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So, the new thing is selfies.

I guess I can’t fully sit here and say that I’m all about selfies, when I’ve only posted a few selfies on social media. However, my camera roll is embarrassingly flooded with intense and silly photos of myself. Throughout the past 2 years, selfies have gone from unspoken of, because people thought they were so basic, to almost completely acceptable.

The catch, though, apparently if you post too many selfies you’re conceited. And if you dont post any photos of yourself, you’re insecure! As any other thing in our society, there are loop holes. There’s never a “perfect” balance between too little or too much. People tell you to post pictures of yourself, but too many, the horror (!!), is embarrassing.

I’m going to disregard the idea that posting too

many selfies is embarrassing, and instead give you tools to post your selfies regardless of other’s opinions.

My friends have constantly told me to post more pictures of myself on social media, however, I’m always super embraced about posting photos of myself.

Why should I be?

1) If I am even considering the picture, then I obviously know I look pretty good, 2) Who cares if I only get xx amount of likes…. its a photo and if I want to share it then it should be there.

Although posting selfies can make one super self conscious, they can also be used as told of empowerment. After opening yourself up to the world, by sharing your picture on your face on social media, you’re showing people that you’re comfortable and confident in the skin you are in. By doing this, you’re saying, “yeah I’m dope!” to anyone who sees it.

So, the next time you’re debating posting a selfie or another picture of your dog, remind yourself you’re enough for the world. You are amazing. Everyone else deserves to see it too.

Rockets and Rainbows,



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