My 2017 goals

I’ve seen many bloggers do this and I decided to give it a try. After all this is something we all have done, setting goals for each one of us every single year. Some of us actually manage to complete them, while others try and some others may completely forget about them or give up cause they seem impossible. Last year I managed to complete 50% of them, which is seriously a sad outcome. Here’s to the 2017, new year, new goals, new aspirations that I am glad to share with you all. Here it goes!!

  1.  Get good grades.

Moving to a different city and going to a school full of people you don’t really know anything about is a hard task. Many things distracted me last year about this, mostly because I was more focused on a guy and trying to make friends that I completely forgot the whole purpose about school. So dear future self, LET’S GET GOOD GRADES!!


2. Enjoy my senior year.

As I mentioned before, moving to a different place is not easy. Not when nobody knows anything about you or when people aren’t willing to befriend you. It is hard as hell. Trying to fit in, make friends and being social are definitely not my forte. Making new friends has never been hard for me cause I’m really picky when it comes to friendships. I’ve been let down so many times by people I never thought would and that’s what I am working on. Enjoying my last high school year no matter what, whatever happens, happens.

Life is a rollercoaster that only goes up my frieeeeend…

3. Get into that Australian uni.

That is my most important goal, but I placed it as a third option cause it’s a bit less important than high school right now, gotta survive senior year first! My plan is to move to Australia as soon as I get enough money to pay for it. Considering Raffles, Whitehouse Institute of Design, UTS, and TAFE. Those are my top 4 and might also want to add Curtin Uni. Got to get good grades for that and lots of effort, I’d really love to develop my skills.

4. Start my Youtube channel (my own)

Yes I have posted some videos using my friend’s account but I might want to take it to the next level and create one of my own in which I could actually post my own stuff and basically do whatever I want. I have sort of an idea of what my channel might be about but I really need to work on that too so… let’s make it a double goal here.

5. Finish reading some booksfullsizeoutput_123

Sounds a bit silly but I started reading a saga three years ago now and haven’t finished reading the fourth book… Hush Hush’s saga seems impossible to finish mostly because I don’t have enough time to or simple forget that book exists. I really want to know how it ends so that’s also a goal I should keep in mind.

6. Travel!

fullsizeoutput_124This one’s a bit specific though, but I’d love to travel as much as possible. Right now my main goal is to get to Sydney, Australia. Have already booked some trips to the most beautiful beaches in México, yaaaay!


7. Enjoy my job 

Working so many shifts in different days is hard. But it becomes harder when each one of them last around 8 hours. My main goal is to actually enjoy it, I chose that job because I love doing that and people seriously appreciate what I do. Let’s get to work, get enough money and go wherever I want to, aka. kangaroo land, aka. Australia.

8. Be there for him.

Yes you, I’m talking about you. To the ones who don’t have a clue of what I am talking about just know this last goal is dedicated to someone that happens to be real special to me and someone I really care about. I know we fullsizeoutput_128met online, I know sometimes we don’t talk that much because the time zonings are horrendous -you being 17 hours ahead of me is not that rad- but I promise I’ll be there for you as much as I can. So, kangaroo land boy, you know this is about you.




I’ll see you in Australia soon!!

SPOILER ALERT: I might get there by September and if not, hopefully by January 2018. -Need to fix my visa, eeek-  I love you.fullsizeoutput_122.jpeg

Biscuits and Sparkles,



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