Island in the sun

June 2nd, 2017. 09:29pm

Hi babe! x



You probably thought about the song and it’s okay cause that’s exactly what I’m going to talk about. Let alone the fact you once mentioned a few months ago you wanted me to write another blog post referring to a line of this song we both know and like. It took me long enough to write this, mainly because I didn’t really know what to say although the song makes me feel a million things. After all, it reminds me of you. 

I am still deciding whether or not I should make this public, if I should let you read what I think or what springs to my mind every time I listen to this song, simply hear the name of it, or when someone asks me about you. It’s all connected. I don’t want you to get confused, it’s just my perspective. And I’m not going to analyze this the way we analyze a poem, line by line, feeling by feeling.


Just let me explain…

The way I see it, it’s pretty simple. An island in the sun, pretty cliché if you ask me but holds a deep meaning behind once you get into my mind or try to see things my way. I don’t know about you, but what if it really is a sanctuary? 

Whaaaaaaaaat? What is she talking about? 

You may think. 

But what about a sanctuary one person only finds through relationships? I guess I came up with this because I honestly spent so long looking for that someone. For someone to make me feel loved, protected, special, cared about, beautiful. In less words, I spent so much time looking for someone that makes me feel like home.

I’m comparing the term “home” with “sanctuary”. It’s exactly the same. You make me feel protected, safe. I can be myself and never get judged, I can say what I think or believe and you’ll listen no matter what. I cry, I laugh, I smile, I scream and you still stay. I may probably be one of the most annoying, loud and sensitive girls there are on Earth but you stand by me, support me, and put up with my silly attitude. I tell bad jokes, my humour is very stupid and most of the time it never makes sense. Yet you laugh and smile radiantly.

Every time you smile, I feel like I’ve won the lottery. Such a big prize. Almost standing up from my seat and receiving an Oscar for making the most wonderful guy there is in my world smile.

When I’m nearly falling asleep I find myself texting you nonsense stuff about things that probably don’t exist and you still read those and pretend you know what I’m talking about just because. You are my best friend Tom, you are someone I can rely on, the one who even being a thousand miles away stays by my side unconditionally and makes me feel like I matter.

I never imagined I would fall so far into love. I never really imagined I would ever find love at all, like I mentioned before. The kind of love that people dream of, the kind of love that stories are written about and romances are based on. The kind of love that people can only hope to find in the course of their lives. This kind of love I never expected to find, not in my whole life, let alone at such a young age. But the love we share is that of dreams. The kind of connection that two people can only dream of. And I feel so proud to have you. With the chances weighed so heavily against me, like a faint beautiful reflection in a dull mirror. I have you, and I am so lucky to know you.

I love you so much. I want you to know that. We’re both broken, beautifully imperfect. Beautiful wrecks. And that’s what love is, loving someone in spite of their imperfections because they somehow complete you. And you do complete me. I won’t relent loving you. Despite our fights, arguments, our disagreements and our disputes we may have in the future. My love for you recognizes no barriers, it will jump hurdles, leap fences and break down walls.

My love for you knows no distance. I know I get break downs often and cry about you not being here or me being there but just know that I’m patient enough to wait for us to finally be together. To hold each other and feel each other close. I know you are patient too. It hurts and of course it is not easy, but I am sure it’s worth it. 

No unit or measurement has ever been invented to gauge just how much love the heart can hold, but I truly feel like I am pushing the limits. Before I met you I was not aware my heart was capable of feeding such love, but you have evoked the best of me. 

I also thought about me being there, you know? After all the first thing that comes to our minds –for the one’s who have never been to ‘straya- when we mention Australia is basically an island under the sun. I’m serious. HOT enough for our blood to boil in three seconds. Or so I believe.

Once you asked me to listen to it I said “oh wow, the song probably talks about his country” but after listening to it, all I could think of as I carefully analyzed each line was “I want to be there”. I pictured myself finally taking the plane, landing, and ringing you telling you I was already there. Happiness overload, tears for sure ran down my cheeks as I listened and your smiley face kept showing up in my head saying that it will all be okay in the end and that we will both enjoy being together.

Away from any problem, away from the frustration, the sadness. Everything we sometimes feel at the thought of us being so far away from each other. It will all disappear. We will be okay and we’ll know it is worth it. We are worth it baby. 

The song to me, is inspiring. It is because that means that all we as people need to feel better is each other.

You’re my island in the sun.

We are all each other’s islands in the sun.                    Unknown-1


Biscuits and sparkles,

Your girl.



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