About me

Hi!  Angie Longdon here, born and raised in Leicestershire. Now I know you’re probably rolling your eyes, like who needs another blogger from London, but I’m telling you Rockets and Rainbows is worth the read.

I’m currently a high school student. My lists of interests and hobbies sort of sound like I’m writing my bio for an online dating site, but there’s just SO many great amazing things out there! I can not just love one thing. My interests include photography–  I have studied at the International Center for Photography in NYC. I love discovering new places in my city, cooking and eating different types of food, listening to music, and hanging out with my friends, but I mean who doesn’t like that.

I would also like to point out that I really really enjoy sketching clothes and shoes and I am a huge fan of fashion. I simply love fashion, aaaaaahhhh!

I love athletics and right now my focus is primarily on running and cycling. I’m looking forward to my first Olympic distance triathlon that is just around the corner. I lived in Sun Valley, Idaho for two years, where I had the chance to ski competitively. I love the feeling of going fast and being on the verge of out of control.  But upon moving back to the city I was not able to ski competitively anymore, so I’ve been trying to solve that need through roller coasters.  I am hatching a plan to ride all ten of the top roller coasters in the US!!

Throughout my 17 years of living, I have gradually developed a passion for issues related to women such as body image, self confidence and equality. I have learned a lot about how not confident I am in my own skin and abilities. I have realized that many other young women feel the same way. We all struggle, we all have problems, but its not about sitting with them and letting us get flipped around by the “roller coaster” of life. We need to find a way to push past the bars and steer our own roller coaster. This blog is intended to be a vehicle for me to express all of my interests and passions. To share with you some of the things that I find fun and beautiful but also to try and address some of the issues that we struggle with as women. I have found that people tend to categorize athletic girls and women as “too-bulky,” “too-strong,” “too- athletic.” I hope to eventually break the stereotype and social pressure that beauty is only in those who fit into the smallest jeans. We are all beautiful, not one of us should feel ashamed to dress, to run, to hop, jump or skip, becuase in the end we are all amazing and beautiful.

I welcome your feedback!!! Please send me an email, give me your list of your favorite recipes, workouts, books, and of course rollercoasters!


xx enjoy!